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OASA Introduces New Logo and Board of Commissioners

PT Protech Mitra Perkasa (“OASA”) revealed its transformation at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) and Extraordinary GMS in Jakarta this Monday, June 27.

In addition to announcing the new name under PT Maharaksa Biru Energi Tbk, OASA also revealed two new Commissioners: Hariyadi BS Sukamdani as President Commissioner and actress and environmental activist Cinta Laura Kiehl as Commissioner.

Hariyadi BS Sukamdani is an entrepreneur who has served as the General Chair of the Indonesian Employers’ Association (Apindo) since 2014 until today. His career as an entrepreneur began in 1992 when he served as President Director of PT Sahid Detolin Textile, followed by his experience in several companies, such as PT Spinindo Bina Persada and PT Jurnalindo Aksara Graphics in 2006 and as Commissioner of PT Jamsostek in 2007-2012.

He is involved in several organizations, such as becoming the Daily Chairman of HIPMI Jaya Foundation, Chairman of HIPMI Honorary Council, Chairman of Apindo National Leadership Council (DPN) for Social Security and Wages, Deputy General Chairperson of KADIN for Public Policy, Taxation and Fiscal Systems, and many more.

“He is a successful businessman with a proven reputation,” said Bobby Gafur Umar, President Director/CEO of PT Maharaksa Biru Energi Tbk.

Meanwhile, the company appointed Cinta Laura Kiehl as Commissioner based on her active role in environmental issues. Regarding the appointment, Bobby explained, “Environmental matters, new and renewable energy (EBT), also issues about environmental wastes, demand concern from all aspects of society. It includes millennials, artists and celebrities.”

Cinta Laura Kiehl is an alumnus of Columbia University, New York. Asides from her fame as an actress, Cinta also shares her concern for the environment. Through the #ActofLove and #AoLKiehlers campaigns, Cinta spreads awareness of an environmentally friendly lifestyle and promotes a green economy, including circular economy or product recycling to minimize waste.

Cinta, who passionately promotes the conscious living lifestyle, said that she wants people to be able to participate in the environmentally friendly movement. “Therefore, I am delighted to have an opportunity to join PT Maharaksa Biru Energi Tbk. It fits my passion,” said Cinta.

PT Maharaksa Biru Energi Tbk also introduced a new logo called “Maharaksa Biru”. It features a Super Giant Star as a symbol of force and intensity among the stars in the universe. This philosophy is the basis for PT Maharaksa Biru Energi Tbk on its way to becoming the largest company in the NRE industry.

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