Embracing Green Growth for the Future

Who We Are


As technological and industrial development grows, the industry’s evolution toward renewable energy has become a requisite, specifically in the energy sector.

PT Maharaksa Biru Energi Tbk. Establish itself as a large-scale renewable energy company committed to realizing a clean and healthy environment by managing waste into energy and implementing other innovative measures to slow the rate of climate change effects while creating new renewable energy (NRE).


Becoming the first Environmental Technology Group of Companies in Indonesia, PT Maharaksa Biru Energi Tbk. utilizing BLUE technology to solve the problem of limited resources while creating profitable opportunities for the people, the country, and the future.

New Phase, New Passion

The new logo features the Heavenly Star number 6, which symbolizes divine luck. Positioned at the center of the Flying Star Chart, the star symbolizes good luck and prosperity for the leaders and their duties. In the Chinese belief of Feng Shui, the number six also represents gold and wealth.

Under the new logo, PT Maharaksa Biru Energi Tbk is envisioned to be the shining star that spreads virtue and compassion to its surroundings.


Turning environmental problems into economic opportunities, as well as the welfare of the environment and the people, with the intervention of leading ecological technologies.


We are building a culture of sustainable lifestyle by contributing positively to the economy and public health through our four pillars of environmentally friendly business: biochemical production, renewable energy, waste management, and Smart Technology.


John Pieter Nazar, SH, MH

Independent Commissioner

Djoko Rosmiatun Mijaata, SE, MM

Independent Commissioner


Ir. Bobby Gafur Umar, MBA, ASEAN Eng. IPU

President Director/Chief Executive Officer

Ir. Tri Widjajanto Joedosastro, MT

Director/Chief Project Officer

Ir. Noor Romawibowo, MBA

Director/Chief Investment Officer

Avian Widyasmono, SE, MM

Director/Chief Financial Officer

Tisella Gaiantri Umar, B.A

Chief of External Corporate Communication